Nova Scotia Pharmacare

Nova Scotia Pharmacare provides prescription drug benefits to eligible residents of Nova Scotia.

  • Nova Scotia Pharmacare

    For information on Pharmacare including the various programs, eligibility, benefits, application procedures and premiums click here.

  • Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare

    Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare is a provincial drug plan designed to help Nova Scotians with the cost of prescription drugs. The program offers protection against drug costs for families who have no drug coverage; or, if the cost of the prescription drugs becomes a financial burden to them. For more details about Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare, click here.

  • What drugs does Pharmacare cover?

    Drugs listed on the Nova Scotia Formulary are covered. Drugs not listed in the formulary may be covered through the Exception Drug Status Process. 

    For information on the Formulary click here.

  • How can I get coverage for drugs not listed as benefits on the Nova Scotia Formulary?

    The Exception Drug Status process may be used to obtain coverage of non-listed drugs.

    Certain drugs are only eligible for coverage under the Pharmacare Programs when an individual meets criteria developed by the Formulary Management Committee. These drugs are called "Exception Status Drugs."

    For a list of Exception Status Drugs and their criteria for usage click here.

    Coverage for non-benefit drugs may also be requested in this manner for exceptional circumstances.

    To request coverage, the physician should mail or fax the completed EDS form or letter to the Pharmacare office. Physicians may also contact the Pharmacare office and speak directly to a pharmacist consultant to request coverage. The physician must provide the following information as part of the request: client identification, diagnosis, drug requested, criteria met and other pertinent information.

  • Questions and Answers on the Exception Drug Status process

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